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Tailor-made experiences for events, meetings and team buildings!

An exciting premium experience for your customers, employees and other stakeholders.

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Our services are available for big groups.

If a group exceeds our maximum capacity or wishes to do several different activities, there are numerous options to combine your Sitway Tour with! We offer combinations with Segways, E-bikes, walking tours, boat rides and Tuk Tuks.

Services for big groups are offered in turns, meaning that while one part of the group is enjoying the Sitway Tour, the other participants do the complementary activities and vice versa.

Sitway Rental Service

Having a Sitway is a great way to stand out from the crowd at your next corporate event.

From fairgrounds to festivals, there’s a lot of ground to cover, and we’re here to make it easy with our Sitway rental service. It will increase efficiency and make for a great conversation starter.

Our Sitways are easy and safe to use, which means that the client can decide how to make the most out of them. Whether it’s personalizing the Sitway with the company’s brand or just transporting yourself from one place to another quickly, having a Sitway is a great tool to make any activity more enjoyable.

City Treasure Hunt

Transform the city into a playground with our custom City Treasure Hunts! Find your inner Sherlock to discover hidden treasures, solving puzzles, answering trivia and finding clues! Facilitated by our experienced team to be enjoyed by the participants! This service is a great team building activity where customers can showcase their problem-solving skills. Participants will explore the city and create fantastic memories together. By mixing creativity and teamwork, team building will be taken to a new level!


A custom-made trip designed by us for you! According to the city’s traffic laws, we will create a route specifically for you, according to your needs and the path you desire. It is unique and not built for anyone else. Our team will take the sitways to the customers and will pick them up when the ride is over, at a location of your choice. This way, the group can save time and effort to move on to the next activity. Having a personalized route will ensure a special experience for everyone.

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