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Sitgo is your guide on wheels.

Created in 2016, we aim to introduce Lisbon to a new form of mobility applied to tourism, adding to other types of transport already known by the public. Our essence is offering our customers more fun options to visit and explore the city, led by our fantastic tour guides.

Following the trend of new types of transport, Sitgo introduces Lisbon to Sitways, equipment similar to Segway, but seated! Sitways work for an audience of almost all ages because of their extremely easy usage. In less than 5 minutes you’ll be cruising through the city of seven hills.


Lisbon is hot and hilly! Therefore, we offer another alternative to discover Lisbon’s history and culture, without the struggle of long walks through the city. With the Segway you’re guaranteed to have a pleasant time with your friends and family. Handling is safe, practical and eco-friendly.

Surely you’ve seen these vehicles passing through, wanting to try them out.

Well, your time has come!  

You’ve walked the streets of Lisbon and got tired just imagining yourself going up and down the slopes, right? Relax! You don’t need to discover the scents and colors of this beautiful city on foot. With Sitgo you can also do your tour by E-bike. And forget all the heavy electric bikes you’ve tried before, our E-Bike is lightweight and fast.

All of this can be combined with other tours and offers that we make available to you through our partnerships with fellow companies. We are determined to add more to your trip!

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